30 shades of gray

I believe in a perfectly ordered chaos” once said Francis Bacon. But how perfectly ordered Francis? i ask myself. So after rolling a 30 sided die for about 374 times, this is the resulting grayscale chaos. How ordered? that’s of course for you to decide! Are 30 sided neutral in terms of “choosing randomly” numbers?

The rules of play for this painting and probability game, where very straight forward. Rolling the 30 sided die. Depending on the resulting number, pick a shade of gray from the 30 labeled shades of oil painting. Paint over a white space of the grid. As a starting point, fill the upper figure of the the star shaped group in the middle of the surface. Then continue filling the next one, going in a spiral with a clockwise direction, until there are no more blank spaces. After rolling the die each time, keep count of the resulting number.